Christmas Food Hampers

by The Food Hamper on November 29, 2010


Christmas Berries Gift Box – Two Dozen

Price: 97.95

Large Christmas Edition Gourmet Gift Basket

Price: 89.99

Christmas Chocolate Fantasy

Price: 80.00

Have A Very Merry Christmas Holiday Gift Basket

Price: 64.99

Christmas Bouquet

Price: 64.95

Fresh Baked Christmas

Price: 62.95

Classic Christmas Lollipop Bouquet

Price: 56.95

Christmas Berries Gift Box – One Dozen

Price: 54.95

Christmas Traditions Cookie Bouquet

Price: 53.95

Christmas Tower

Price: 49.95

Christmas Lollipops Bouquet

Price: 49.95

A Merry Christmas Greeting Gift Basket

Price: 48.99

Christmas Sprite 24

Price: 43.95

Christmas Berries Gift Box – Half Dozen

Price: 39.95

Large “Bear”-er of a Box of 9 Christmas Oreos®

Price: 39.95


Bounty of California Gourmet Basket

Price: 150.00

Golden State Grand Gourmet Basket

Price: 144.00

Executive Wine Gift Basket

Price: 126.00

Wine Country Favorites Gift Basket

Price: 97.00

Bookworm Gift Club

Price: 95.00

Grand Italian Tour Gift Basket

Price: 82.00

Fisherman’s Gift Basket

Price: 78.00

Chesapeake Bay Delights Gift Basket

Price: 72.00

Very Virginia Gift Basket

Price: 72.00

Garden Grows Gift Basket

Price: 70.00

Vanilla Luxuries Pamper Basket

Price: 65.00

Irish Pub Guinness Beer Basket

Price: 60.00

Sweet Orchard Gift Basket

Price: 60.00

Gone Fishing Boat Shelf Gift Set

Price: 60.00

Puppy Treat Tower

Price: 60.00


Tea – Yerba Mate, South American Delight

by The Food Hamper on November 23, 2010


Tea is most commonly associated with Asia. And it’s true that the majority of tea comes from China, India and other countries in that area. But there are other countries that have the climate, soil and expertise to produce a fine tea.

In recent years, South Africa has been on the radar with the rising popularity of Rooibos. Delightful as it is, Rooibos is not a traditional tea. It’s not made from the Camilla Senensis plant. Another plant makes for a great tea, and this one is cultivated in South America: Yerba Mate.

Produced from the Ilex Paraguariensis tree, part of the holly family, it makes a fine herbal tea. Grown in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil it is a South American wonder. Each country has its own distinctive style of Yerba Mate tea. In Brazil, the leaves are toasted, yielding a stronger taste. In Argentina, the cocido is a fine breakfast tea.

Like other herbal teas, it has many of the great health benefits of a traditional leaf. It provides a relaxing drink while aiding digestion. And it still has many of the antioxidants that are helpful in warding of cancers.

Even in bag or loose leaf form it still makes for a great brew. It can be a very fine, almost powdery substance, though. The leaves are dried, then crumbled into a very fine brown-leaf tea mixture. So, if you don’t care for bits of herb in the liquid, filter well. The tea can even be prepared in a French press.

It’s easy to obtain in bag form, but for a more traditional South American brew there’s an alternative preparation method. Instead of a teapot, a gourd and a bombilla is used. The gourd (called a mate) is used in place of a cup, and the bombilla is a metal straw that gives the smooth herbal a nice little tang.

Fill the gourd 3/4 full of herb, then pour cold water over them until they’re wetted but not drowned. Let them soak for a few minutes. While you wait, heat a cup of water to about 82°C/180°F, then add enough water to fill the gourd. Steep for a few minutes. Then insert the bombilla filter end down into the liquid and sip. Arriba!

In the traditional social setting, one person typically takes the role of preparer and server and has the first sip. Then the gourd and straw is passed from one person to the next. And you thought only the Japanese had tea rituals!

Pick up a gourd and bombilla and have some tea South American style.


Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

by The Food Hamper on November 21, 2010


Looks Like Wine … Tastes Like Wine

Price: 99.95
Gorgeous, gourmet gift non alcoholic

Great Job!

Price: 69.95
It can’t be better than this!

The Chef’s Bowl

Price: 220.00
Truly a gourmet gift.

The Portable Bench

Price: 180.00
Show your appreciation for the #1 fan.

Wine and Snack Basket or Wine and Snack DUO!

Price: 49.95
Gourmet Wine with Scrumptous Gourmet Snacks…

All Taste… and Just a Trace

Price: 39.95
A Beautiful Display for a Beautiful Non Alcoholic Wine

Classic Wine Basket or Classic Wine DUO!

Price: 49.95
Send a classic.. or two!

Corporate Clincher

Price: 99.95
Close the deal today.

Heartfelt Thanks

Price: 44.95
Classic Elegance

Silver Wine Basket

Price: 79.95
Truly a treasure.

Smell the Roses

Price: 69.95
Double dessert…Port wine & chocolate!

So Proud of You

Price: 44.95
Lovely presentation for any special occasion.

The Snack Basket

Price: 29.95
Gourmet snacks with a gourmet drink

The Sunday Brunch

Price: 115.00
Make them wish each day was Sunday.

The Vineyard

Price: 285.00
Fine wines for a fine palate.


Gourmet Baskets

by The Food Hamper on November 21, 2010

Gourmet Dr. Bag

Price: 34.00

Gala Celebration Gourmet Basket

Price: 84.00

Italian Gourmet Gift Basket

Price: 60.00

Bountiful Gourmet Basket

Price: 39.00

Floral Box of Gourmet Cookies

Price: 33.00

Globe Gourmet Gift Box

Price: 45.00

Galaxy Tower

Price: 30.00

Deepest Sympathy Gourmet Gift Basket

Price: 64.00

Triple Chocolate Giant Brownies

Price: 19.00

Belgian Chocolate Graham Crackers

Price: 24.00

Heartfelt Wishes for Any Occasion

Price: 75.00

Basket of Fresh Baked Gourmet Goodness

Price: 35.00

California Pride Munch Mix

Price: 42.00

Glittering Golden Ghirardelli Tower

Price: 50.00

Grand Gourmet Thank You Gift

Price: 110.00